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Web Design

I make beautiful, functional and usable web pages. Performe the analysis of your needs and type of business accordingly, making a proposal to access your business successful Internet market.

Can also managent or updating of current website available.

Graphic Design

Your page must be shocking! and reflect your business and products or services it sells. Working with excellent designers, who will offer you the best design for your website or additional services in the area of design, as Branding Design because create a memorable, elegant, and attractive image is very important for your bussines. In todays fast moving world it’s vital to create a memorable experience through design. By doing so a potential customer will be able to recognize your company later on.

Social Media / e-Marketing

Take care of creating and maintaining communities around businesses, creating valuable content,conversation, encouraging people to participate, monitoring the web presence of brands, etc. Social media has changed communication between people, and between brands and people.

We will offer strategies to generate more visitors to your website through social media and / or e-marketing (e-mail marketing, SEO, SEM) according to your needs and budget. Because having a website is not enough

My Work

Who am I?


I love to do web pages! I love the internet and new avenues of growth that gives companies. For this reason my academic development has been focused on the acquisition of knowledge in the area of web development and the field of engineering systems in general. Graduated from the University of Manizales (Colombia) and the National Technological University (Argentina) where I made studies in Web Programming. Additionally, I have extensive experience in project management software, area in which I worked for 5 years.

Focused on the acquisition of skills and knowledge related to the Internet market, as a tool in the development and growth of every business today.

I am intelligent, high degree of responsibility, great capacity to acquire new knowledge and creative, allowing me to approach each project with the responsibility to grow your business and deliver the best possible experience during the development of your project. I'm the answer to their need to successfully enter the Internet market.

Nerdy Skills

  • CMS 100%
  • HTML5 / CSS3 100%
  • Design 80%
  • PHP / MySQL 90%
  • Search Engine OptimIzation60%

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